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After knowing how to ‘tag’ a photo on Facebook. I guess you often hear people saying ‘you tag me’ or ‘I’ll tag you’ and etc. But are you familiar with TagPoints?

Wondering what this is? Basically, TagPoints is the proximity marketing and loyalty platform that brought into the retail world to help communicate directly with shoppers’ phones as they walk around the stores.

TagPoints mobile app will recognise customers as they walk through the door or around the centre and then ‘wake up’ the app to send relevant content for that consumer’s smartphones immediately.

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Similar to the functions of a loyalty card, TagPoints developed a Mobile Loyalty App (SmartRewards) for The Swan Centre, in UK, that has cloud management platform which offer the visitors with rewards. Such as allowing customers to collect their rewards and redeem it at the Shopping Centres. All customers need to do is to visit their favourite stores, restaurants, cinemas, leisure facilities and more to earn points.


They can also earn points by accessing the app at home to check offers, converting points to rewards and share news. The more they earn, the more they are eligible to turn it into discounts (for future use). Besides, people can also collect free gifts and be in competitions to win prizes. However, these benefits can only be redeem at the same Shopping Centre where you spent at and at the selected stores. And the good thing is that the offers, discounts and deals are not randomly sent to their loyal consumers, offers are personalised so the customer only receives relevant content.

With such a smart invention, there were 2000 downloads in two months and had over 6000 shares on social media to promote events and communicate new initiatives for the centre. By using this app, this allow connections with customers and to understand their shopping behaviours better. Furthermore, this aim of this mobile app is to reward customers for returning to store, sharing on social media and opening the app each day.

I reckon this will help consumers to shop better and smarter. What do you think?





PlayBuzz, one of the latest online quiz platform, launched in December 2013 with over 54 million visitors! PlayBuzz is a free open network for users such as publishers, bloggers and brands to create content which feature extremely engaging items such as polls, quizzes and lists around many popular topics. That is anything you can think of.

PlayBuzz Create


  • Free access to easy-to-use content templates
  • Create playful content items of your choice and share it on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and embedding (the link) on their website by using a Java Script embed code or a WordPress plugin.
  • Users can enjoy playing thousands of polls, trivia quizzes, personality quizzes and lists posted by other users (publishers)
  • Content is categorised as sub-category under Pop, Fun, Geek and Community
  • Display only the content relevant to your site, using category filters
  • Embedded content is 100% AD FREE


win playbuzz

This entertainment website was ranked 34th largest website in the U.S according to Quantcast and SimilarWeb PRO indicated that PlayBuzz had rapid traffic growth and explosive monthly visits up to tens of millions from January to September 2014 (Hallimi, 2014). The graph shows September’s most shared sites (7,596, 499) on Facebook (Hallimi, 2014).


Moreover, sharing on social platforms is like inviting your family, friends and colleagues to join the fun! This will direct users to your website to help content viral and boost your engagement metrics such as page views count, amount of like(s), sharing rates and or ad impressions. For example, both the Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Goodman Theatre created PlayBuzz quizzes to assist with advertising their shows. Which is an extremely engaging and viral way to appeal to audience (Masller, 2014).

After talking about PlayBuzz, I thought it would be fun to try some of these quizzes. So I tried ‘Do You Know All The Lyrics To Let It Go?’ and it did not that long after all.

Let's it go


And my result was 19/20!!! I wish. It was great fun and other users were also commenting what their result was on PlayBuzz. They not only get to play but also interact with to each other which created a social network.

How about you can give it a try and tell me what you think?





Sharing photos and stories to collect like1 (likes)!!!

With a prodigious supports and likes from Facebook community, Humans of New York (HONY) has become prominence. The unique and true stories with quotes and photos were spread virally on the social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, webpage) across the globe. HONY has started an enormous following through social media, and the volume of Facebook followers has exceeded 10 million as of October 2014.


Brandon Stanton, a self-taught photographer, has included small quotes and stories along his photographs after each conversation. As a result, this enhanced his photo blog to grow faster. He continues to listen to many people and post portraits and stories from the trip on the blog.


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Scan for LESS! $1 neon colour wristband may not be very popular. But if a $1 wristband can give you more discounts then would you become the owner of it?

Uploaded on 16th October by 7-Eleven Australia.


This video ad ‘Flavour Fest 11 Weeks 11 Flavours‘ received 4,296 views on Facebook.

7-Eleven Stores started their Slurpee Flavour Fest promotion on 15th of October through to the 1st of January 2015. Although Slurpee VIP Wristband may not be a wearable technology, e.g. like the Samsung Gear™ or the Apple Watch, however the wristband does contain two barcodes on each side. Instead of using the ordinary loyalty membership card, promoter 7-Eleven introduced a creative idea by providing Slurpee VIP bands with 2-in-1 benefits where you can wear it as accessory and also use it for discounts. By scanning the wristband, 30% discount will automatically apply to the transaction whenever a purchase with any Slurpee made from a participating store.


I have purchased a Slurpee FlavourFest promotional wristband from 7-Eleven store and went to the official website ‘’ for registration. All I did was to complete the entry form including the unique barcode from the wristband and my email address. Such a simple process.

scanned submit

Immediately, I (the winner) was notified by email saying I have won a prize and entitled to redeem it at any participating 7-Eleven stores provided with a Redemption Code and the barcode on my light green wristband. Prize includes either 1 x Slurpee Shocks (green or black), 1 x Krispy Kreme Original Glaze, 1 x Slurpee Slip Mitt, 1 x small Slurpee of winner’s choice or 1 x Slurpee Mason Jar of winner’s choice.

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Not long after a success release of ‘You star in an ad’ mobile app endorsed by Yoona, Innisfree (the most popular skincare brand in Korea) has launched another interactive app to attract their female consumers.

This time, Innisfree’s brand ambassador Lee Min Ho (Korean top star) endorsed in their second mobile app called ‘Filming with Minho’, and promoting Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum to female users in their 20s and 30s.

The function of the second app is similar to the first app. Consumers get to make facial expressions, pose as a model and share it on ‘Youku’ youku(a video hosting service based in China). The winner will receive a prize of $10,000. People can download this app through iTunes, Google Play or even scan the QR code (from above).

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Innisfree, a Korean cosmetics brand has launched a campaign, ‘Star with Yoona’ app, mainly targeted at men with lack of confidence due to experiencing tough times.

Innisfree believed men are most attractive when they are full of confidence therefore has launched an app to boost Korean men’s confidence by letting them star in a commercial with Korean pop star Yoona. Consumers can create their personal commercial with Yoona and upload it on to YouTube and Facebook.

There were 3 different scenarios (auditioning, modelling and photo shooting) to choose from. In each scenario, consumers get to either dance, pose and model with Yoona. Towards the end, she compliments them and offered to apply ‘Innisfree Forest for Men’ on their face.

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As many people may aware of, in nowadays, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are commonly used to put a name in the community.

But if majority of names (brands) have been published using the same techniques, then what else can be done to get more attention? In marketing, people often bring up the word ‘Differentiation’. To be different and to differ between one to another so that the audience can tell the difference.

To continuously gaining awareness, engaging with the audience, and or ensuring the brand name will stay into the audience’s mind, it would be nice to promote a brand name through an enjoyable and fun way! For example of CPA Australia, which is one of the two major accounting institute in Australia, have not just created their own brand awareness through the use of webpages, digital business magazine (INTHEBLACK), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and series of interviews (The BOTTOMLINE TV – online) but also a mobile app. The following video shows the types of social media that was used by CPA.

In September of last year (2013), CPA have successfully created a business gaming app called Boardroom Tycoon for commerce and business students to build a business empire. According to the CPA 2013 Annual Report, the amount of downloads have reached over 80,000 in four months after being released in public. Boardroom Tycoon have not only attracted students but as well as professionals to takeover market leaders, companies and shares. Besides, CPA have won the Winner 2014 Australian Mobile & APP Design Awards for the Education and Family category.

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Have you ever tried to pass a level and got stuck because you didn’t have enough coins to buy the equipment or the items? Did you buy the coins or tried to earn ‘Free Coins’?2014-09-15 22.13.24

Well, when people don’t want to actually spend money to buy more coins for the game, there is one option where the players can achieve that goal. That is to sign up for a recommended advertisement or watch a YouTube ad just to earn that small amount of coins.

Previously, I have been playing the ‘Plants vs. Zombies 2‘ on iPad. And, because I didn’t have enough coins to use the special effects so I was eager to earn the free coins. For this game, I was only asked to watch an ad. Most ads are approximately 30 seconds and some are even longer.

2014-09-15 22.13.11


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Guess what? Guest Blogging!


Guest posting simply means that a person is commenting and publishing an article on someone’s website or blog. It can help build brand awareness with a different audience and help drive new traffic to your site.

Basically, a guest blog is where people might want to be recognised and share their information. Guest posting allows you to connect with new bloggers, join any existing conversations, and share your message. This helps you to build relationships with other bloggers because when you are interacting with other bloggers through guest posting, you are actually building a connection.

As bloggers may comments on large amount of conversations going on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter therefore, they can be very influential. If you are joining the hot conversations, then as a result, you are growing your influence and your existence online using social media. With blogging, you can actually expose yourself to anyone else that has access to a computer – that is anyone in the world! This can expand your audience base globally.

Once you have created a blog post, you can share it on Facebook, send it out on Twitter, and post it on other websites. This technique is known as creating links. After the viewers clicked on the links, they will be directed back to your website and this helps with traffics and search engines optimisation. Traffic is really important for your website. People will find you when they are searching for advice on the same topic as you have written on your blog. For that reason, the more keywords that show up on your blog post, the easier your content will be found on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Another word of saying, by creating the links, building relationships with other bloggers and posting on diverse social media platforms, this will lead to directing all of that traffic back to read your blogs. And eventually increases the value of your blog to search engines.





When people are passionate about their interests, they tends to share it with everyone else using the very common social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Moreover, for an individual to create social networking, they would not only rely on these platforms but also use Instagram, Pinterest and their personal Blog to communicate their ideas with people across the universe.

Nail Art on Facebook

DIY (Do It Yourself) trend for Nail Art Designs are very popular in today’s society. Nail Artists (both certified and non-certified) are more likely to share their unique designs in a photo or a video format on the social channels. These methods allow to reach a mass volume of audience without the need to spend too much money or time to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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